Saturday, 21 August 2010

Janes' wardrobe

I've been staring at it for weeks, even daring to open it on a few occasions. Is it time to sort it out ? Jane isn't coming back so why is this going to be so hard... because its the last physical thing I have left to remind me of her. All her clothes hang there quietly expecting her return, each one with a different memory of a place, a holiday, a special occasion when it was worn last.

I start on the smaller items. Underwear, tops, trousers and shorts are all pulled out, neatly folded and placed in pile on the bed. Even these have their history as it was hard to stop the tears. Then the shoes. Unlike a lot of women, Jane wasn't that big on shoes. As long as they were comfy and slightly stylish that was enough and she just stuck to a couple of pairs thank goodness so it wasn't long before these were bagged up. I kept her favourite slippers, they are stopping with me.

I look at the bags filled with Janes' clothes and instantly feel as if I am betraying her in some way. Throwing all her things away as if she never existed... God, why is this so hard. I'm joined by Catherine who choses a couple of her moms' tops for herself which cheers me up.

I look at the gaps on the shelves caused by my activities and that horrible sence of loss descends again. I fill the gaps with bed linen and feel a bit better. I look at the larger items hanging in a neat line and decide to call it a day. Enough was enough they can stay there until I'm ready.

I took the bags to the local St Marys Hospice Charity shop, nodded at the lady, dropped the bags and scuttled out not daring to look back.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Time moves on

Got back at midnight last night from Devon with Ed, following a week's road trip. Make mental note... *never go on road trip again to Devon and Cornwall in school holidays.
My goodness, I had forgotten how busy it gets. Every town we drove into was full and you couldn't stop. Penzance to start.. no B&B's available, had to get a farm B&B well outside. Next day via Sennen Cove, Perrenporth to Padstow (where I have always wanted to visit). Drove into Padstow and then straight out as every car park, coffee shop, restaurant was full of holiday makers and screaming kids. Probably due to the weather that kept them off the beaches. Forget Newquay, the traffic queue just to get into town was about 2 miles long.
Stopped at little place called Rock. Very posh, apparently the princes stayed there when they were young. It was full of 'City' people in the summer homes and very 'sloany' teenagers trying to look like surfer dudes however their Amex gold cards gave them away. Stopped at another farm B&B which was great, nice a friendly and with 8, 5 week old black labrador pups to play with.
Then to Woolacombe where we pitched the 6 berth tent in record time (53 mins). As it turned out, the best weather was when we were putting up the tent, otherwise it was cold and windy. Once again packed as you can imagine. Had a few games of golf the best being at Ilfracombe, lovely day and views and with a discount green fee as well. The weather forcast said rain and some sun so we packed up the tent and headed into Barnstable to watch a mate performing in a local bar (Musician that is.. not a drunk... lol)
We left Barnstable at 2200hrs and were back home at 0012hrs in a warm comfy bed.

I think it would have been cheaper to have a week in the Canaries !!!!