Monday, 14 February 2011


Catherine is off on her travels.

Catherine is off on her travels Catherine will be flying out to Oz for a minimum of 3 months possibly longer. Her flight is on 22nd Feb and I am feeling really anxious. Am I feeling anxious for her or for me losing someone else dear to me, I don't know, a bit of both probably. She is really looking forward to going. Our friends in NSW have offered to put her up initially which is a big relief but her intention is to put to use all her bar work experience and move around as much as possible. Thank goodness for facebook and such things as we can be in constant contact with her for most of the time.

I put my name down for some counciling and was contacted by a spokesperson who offered me sessions which would have ment time off work and travelling into the city every afternoon at rush hour. Not a good idea as this would probably create additionally worry for me. I stressed this fact and they agreed to put me on a waiting list for a local session which was good. Last week I had a letter asking me to go into town at rush hour during working hours to register for this course. If I didn't confirm this by phone by 15th Feb it would be taken that I no longer needed counciling. I don't think I'll bother with this lot, not too much caring there !!