Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Normality returns

Things have been strangely 'normal' recently. Life has been continuing without too much upset, the kids have been getting on with things and I have popped into work to say hello and thank you for your kind thoughts and flowers.
I went into the Dr's the other day for my bloods to be checked against a multitude of possible fatal illnesses I think I'm gonna get, results back next week, I'll keep you posted. Dr stopped me having full body scan saying I can tell you there's nothing wrong with you.. Oh ok. Paranoid ??

Decided to take Ed on a 'walk about' in next few days to Devon. Surf boards, tent and travel kettle.. lets just see where we end up. He's well up for it. Off to see Grace and Sarah this weekend.. up t'north.. expecting lots of gravy on things.. lol.

Sleeping well at last and golf improving.. at last.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Nearly..but not quite.

You might remember Jane mentioning that her film, Jane Journey had been short listed for the medical short film 'Oscars' . Well the awards were last night and although the film received special praise it didn't win the outright prize. A shame but what an achievement to be shortlisted amongst 100's of entries. Well done Red and thank you. It will always be treasured by her family and friends.
Been taking advantage of the warm weather and doing those outside jobs I've been meaning to do for months. Rendering, painting, jet washing the patio... sunbathing. I'm looking after next door's chickens at the moment. Grace came up to collect the eggs this morning and promptly declared that she required scrambled eggs for her lunch.
Looks like being a scorching weekend for those of us in B'ham and south of... James is coming home because his girlfriend's grand father, who was in the RAF and talked for hours with James about..'In my day'.. died suddenly two weeks ago. The funeral is on Thursday next week. Its been a bad few weeks to say the least.