Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Normality returns

Things have been strangely 'normal' recently. Life has been continuing without too much upset, the kids have been getting on with things and I have popped into work to say hello and thank you for your kind thoughts and flowers.
I went into the Dr's the other day for my bloods to be checked against a multitude of possible fatal illnesses I think I'm gonna get, results back next week, I'll keep you posted. Dr stopped me having full body scan saying I can tell you there's nothing wrong with you.. Oh ok. Paranoid ??

Decided to take Ed on a 'walk about' in next few days to Devon. Surf boards, tent and travel kettle.. lets just see where we end up. He's well up for it. Off to see Grace and Sarah this weekend.. up t'north.. expecting lots of gravy on things.. lol.

Sleeping well at last and golf improving.. at last.


  1. Hi Martin, I am so glad that as the days are passing you are beginning to slowly look ahead. I can well understand your visit to the Dr.
    It will be great to be able for you to play with Grace for a day or two. and wonderul to visit Devon. will be praying for some nice weather for you both.
    God Bless,
    Sybil x

  2. Martin - I am so happy to hear things are going well for you. Trust me, there will still be rough moments and rough days but you will get by, with a little help from friends and family of course.

  3. not paranoid
    just taking good
    care of yourself

  4. Hi Martin,
    Good to hear your life is returning to normal.
    Take it very easy and enjoy everything you can.

  5. normal is nice, isn't it. glad you are getting along well. life is good. best wishes from across the pond.

  6. Fresh air and the sea just what the doctor would order. Have a well earned break and sit on the cliff tops watching the surf and people watching.
    You will always have worry over health having been through all you have and now the family look to you for support and advice there's nothing wrong in looking after yourself! Don't be fobbed off though if you feel you need some tests then get checked out you can never be too careful. xx

  7. you take care martin, thanks for mort

  8. Hello Martin
    Had to giggle at you and your visit to the doc ....hehee, bet your Jane is shaking her head too! Gravy on everything is good, says she daughter of a yorkshireman .... ooo eck ! Have a good time with your family.
    Big Luv
    Jaynee x

  9. Great blog! You seem to have a healthy attitude. I have added you to my Cancer blogs feature at in both the kidney and "othewr survivors" sections. Take care, Dennis