Friday 3 June 2011


Edward and I are both recovering slowly. Still very painful and sore with daily trips to the practice nurse to change dressings etc. Ed's apetite has returned which is a good sign and I'm able to get about more easily. Looking forward to our day in court !!.

Many thanks for your kinds comments.. Martin & Ed

Monday 30 May 2011

Even Bigger Shock

Last Saturday, whilst trying to help a terrified youngster escape a gang of yobs trying to get at him, both Edward and I were stabbed outside our house.
The youth had banged on our door trying to escape a gang who were intent on coming into our house to stab him. I tried to intervene and was attacked by two of the group. Edward came to my aid and received a single stab wound to the back which punctured his lung. I had four stab wounds but managed to fend off the attackers.
Edward had two visits to theatre and was in ITU for 2 days. He is now back home, very sore and tired but glad to be alive. We are both receiving ongoing treatment for our injuries.
Two men have been arrested and charged with attempted murder of both Ed and I.

12 months ago this week we lost Jane. I nearly lost Edward on Saturday. May is becoming a bad month...

Friday 6 May 2011


On Tuesday I returned to work following a pleasant 11 days off thanks to the Bank Holidays. At 10am I suffered what was later found to be a TIA (Mini stroke). I lost all vision to my right side for about 2 hours.
I was stunned at the news that it was a TIA. No me, I'm healthy and indeed all my other readings and blood counts were spot on... apart from an irregular heart beat. This can cause clotting I'm told which is the probable cause of my TIA. Investigations are now underway to sort out my ticker.
A warning shot... is how it has been described.

Other matters, Catherine seems totally taken with Australia. She is so happy that I break out into a smile whenever I talk about her. She is returning to the UK on 26th May for three weeks to be with us for Jane's anniversary (30th). She then jets back off to finish her 12 month visa and she wants to apply for an extention. Her job have stated that they will 'sponsor her' as regards immigration. Good for you Catherine, Jane will be so proud. Might make plans to visit this Christmas.. the thought of another cold December here makes me start searching for flights already.

Monday 14 February 2011


Catherine is off on her travels.

Catherine is off on her travels Catherine will be flying out to Oz for a minimum of 3 months possibly longer. Her flight is on 22nd Feb and I am feeling really anxious. Am I feeling anxious for her or for me losing someone else dear to me, I don't know, a bit of both probably. She is really looking forward to going. Our friends in NSW have offered to put her up initially which is a big relief but her intention is to put to use all her bar work experience and move around as much as possible. Thank goodness for facebook and such things as we can be in constant contact with her for most of the time.

I put my name down for some counciling and was contacted by a spokesperson who offered me sessions which would have ment time off work and travelling into the city every afternoon at rush hour. Not a good idea as this would probably create additionally worry for me. I stressed this fact and they agreed to put me on a waiting list for a local session which was good. Last week I had a letter asking me to go into town at rush hour during working hours to register for this course. If I didn't confirm this by phone by 15th Feb it would be taken that I no longer needed counciling. I don't think I'll bother with this lot, not too much caring there !!

Sunday 9 January 2011

New Year, New Beginning

Christmas went by smoothly as did the New Year. The boiler managed to stay free from trouble during the cold spell for which I am grateful as, listening to some of my work colleagues, it would appear that broken boilers reached epidemic proportions.
Just before Christmas, I got together with a lady friend for a couple of dates. These went well and the relationship reached the next stage which is when it all started to go wrong. As soon as things got intimate I started thinking I was was cheating on Jane. No matter how I tried to reason with myself that this was stupid the guilty feelings would not go away. I would make up excuses why I couldn't see her and in the end I had to sit down with her and explain what was wrong. Well, she explained to me what was wrong and I think she is right, I am still very much in love with Jane and am just not ready for such a relationship at this time. She gave me a big hug and said 'just friends it is.' Good friends are special and she is a now a good friend.

Sunday 12 December 2010

Christmas 2010

Its going to be hard this Christmas, it being the first one since Jane left us. The long dark cold nights don't make things any easier either. I've turned down a few invitations to 'go out' in the run up to the festive season, not wanting to go out and make merry. I have this strange feeling on occasions when I am enjoying myself, that I am in some way being unfaithful to Jane's memory and that inevitably ruins the evening for me.

Christmas presents have taken up a large proportion of my spare time lately. Jane was always in charge of this department and initially the thought of it now being down to me was daunting. However I have quite enjoyed it so far. I was always thought of by Jane and the kids a bit of a miser when it came to pressies (well they would say that). I wanted to get something special for Catherine so I have had made an inscribed silver pendant. In one side there are sealed a small amount of Jane's ashes that I had saved for this occasion and in the other a lovely photo of Jane at her best.

We have been invited to Christmas dinner by James' girlfriends family which is really nice. On boxing day, Caroline, Jane's best friend has invited us all down to her house for the day. I'm grateful for both invites as the thought of having to cook the turkey 2 years in a row was not appealing.

Happy Christmas to all our friends out there and I'll see you all in the new year.


Sunday 24 October 2010

More pictures of 'Janes Bay'

Beautiful place (out of school hols..)