Friday, 1 October 2010

We made the news

50 million for cancer sufferers who can't get treatment on the NHS. Jane will be smiling right now. Her's and the many voices have been answered at last. I know its not a lot as regards cancer treatment BUT it is a start. Well done....

ITN did a piece at lunchtime and showed clips of Jane's film... I was so proud.



  1. I was so pround to have known Jane ~ can imagine how proud you must be feeling ~ Ally x

  2. We are all so proud to have been Janes friends. It is really amazing what she did in her all to short life.
    Keep smiling,
    Love Sybil x

  3. Proud of Jane, and I hope you're beginning to recognise that you have every right to be proud of yourself too for the wonderful way you supported Jane - and for how you're recovering now from her loss.

  4. Even after she is gone, Martin, Jane's legacy continues to work. You have every reason to be proud.

  5. Jane is still beavering away Martin. Well done to her and yourself for making this possible through all your hard work. Not before time either!
    I hope you are well.
    Jeanie x

  6. While you were proud of Jane as you watched this news Martin, I hope you are equally proud of yourself - we know that all Jane's advocacy work was possible because of the support of her wonderful family. Thank YOU, as this is another step in helping RCC patients worldwide - every small change will trickle down as the news travels and eyes are opened. My continued best wishes to you and the family

  7. You have every right to be proud Martin, you both did so much and still are doing it for every cancer sufferer! The money won't go far, but it will help those who need it the most and it certainly is a start in the right direction.xx

  8. a fitting tribute to jane.thanks for sharing martin,and take care of yourself,mort

  9. Hello Martin
    Have just last read your last couple of entries. I still have my Mum's clothes hanging in her wardrobe, its been four years now, it gives me comfort in a strange kind of way and yet in my mind i can hear her telling me not to be silly and get rid of them :o) Its all part of the mourning process i feel and you will find like the 'phone in' there will be all sorts of triggers.
    Glad to hear you have returned to work - its a focus we all need and how fantastic Jane's film was shown again, i hope it gave you a wonderul feeling at how fantastic she was.
    Big Luv
    Jaynee X

  10. proud of jane and proud of are doing her proud love...