Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas 2010

Its going to be hard this Christmas, it being the first one since Jane left us. The long dark cold nights don't make things any easier either. I've turned down a few invitations to 'go out' in the run up to the festive season, not wanting to go out and make merry. I have this strange feeling on occasions when I am enjoying myself, that I am in some way being unfaithful to Jane's memory and that inevitably ruins the evening for me.

Christmas presents have taken up a large proportion of my spare time lately. Jane was always in charge of this department and initially the thought of it now being down to me was daunting. However I have quite enjoyed it so far. I was always thought of by Jane and the kids a bit of a miser when it came to pressies (well they would say that). I wanted to get something special for Catherine so I have had made an inscribed silver pendant. In one side there are sealed a small amount of Jane's ashes that I had saved for this occasion and in the other a lovely photo of Jane at her best.

We have been invited to Christmas dinner by James' girlfriends family which is really nice. On boxing day, Caroline, Jane's best friend has invited us all down to her house for the day. I'm grateful for both invites as the thought of having to cook the turkey 2 years in a row was not appealing.

Happy Christmas to all our friends out there and I'll see you all in the new year.



  1. it's always nice
    to at least
    be invited...

    the pendant sounds
    very special

    'Happy' Christmas, Martin

    from Michigan

  2. It wont be an easy Christmas without Jane but I am so happy for you that your family and friends are gathering round you to keep you close.
    What a thoughtful and touching gift for Catherine. One to be treasured for always.
    God bless you all. Have a Happy and contented Christmas.

  3. Very best wishes to you and the family Martin

  4. Good to hear from..and well done on the pressies...Jane would be very proud..been thinking about you..Happy Christmas!!

  5. this is will be our first Christmas without our dad as well... it is getting tougher the closer we get to it... i feel the same.. as if celebrating without him is unfair to him.. i feel for you and your children... cling to each other a bit more tightly and i think we will all get through it

  6. All those noteable "first since" days are very difficult, Martin, and I don't blame you for taking it easy over the festive period. I nonetheless hope that you'll have a good Christmas this year, and wish you all the best for 2011.

  7. I am so glad that family and friends are all around you Martin this year especially it will be hard to keep the smile on our face, even if it dosn't quite reach our eyes. I am also sad this year at the passing of friends (and especially my darlin brother in law who died from pancreatic cancer after only 10 weeks in September)
    God Bless have a peaceful time with time on your own as well as being surrounded by loved ones.
    Love Sybil xx

  8. I have been popping in and out wondering when you would post with regards to Christmas Martin, it is bound to feel difficult but I think you're doing really well getting presents organised and gettting an invite to dinner! I don't think my husband would feel like cooking turkey either if he were in your position as I've always done the cooking and bought all the presents or at least thought up the ideas! The locket sounds so perfect. Don't feel guilty for having fun and laughing, I'm sure Jane will be there in spirit with you all and keeping a close eye on the proceedings and I'm sure she wouldn't mind a christmas toast either so raising my glass, here's to Jane x

  9. best of the holidays to you and the family Martin. I think of Jane and all of you often.

  10. It has been almost 7 months since Jane left us and I just had to wish you Martin and family a peaceful Xmas at least. It is wonderful to see so many people thinking of you at this most difficult time of the year.
    I found it difficult to follow on from when Jane died particularly immediatley after events but I find your Blog to be uplifting as it gives hope to those who have lost. Life does indeed carry on.
    Best wishes from one of Jane's many online friends x