Monday, 30 May 2011

Even Bigger Shock

Last Saturday, whilst trying to help a terrified youngster escape a gang of yobs trying to get at him, both Edward and I were stabbed outside our house.
The youth had banged on our door trying to escape a gang who were intent on coming into our house to stab him. I tried to intervene and was attacked by two of the group. Edward came to my aid and received a single stab wound to the back which punctured his lung. I had four stab wounds but managed to fend off the attackers.
Edward had two visits to theatre and was in ITU for 2 days. He is now back home, very sore and tired but glad to be alive. We are both receiving ongoing treatment for our injuries.
Two men have been arrested and charged with attempted murder of both Ed and I.

12 months ago this week we lost Jane. I nearly lost Edward on Saturday. May is becoming a bad month...


  1. im so sorry martin,scum such as these deserve to be locked up for good,tc mort and if this posts,the next one i am posting is from sybil,couldnt get it to leave comment.

  2. My dear Martin. I am so so sorry for you both. I was just thinking about our dear Jane today and thought I should come in and leave a wee note. Only to read of such a dastardly attack on you and Edward. I hope the judge throws the book at these villians and puts them away for a long time.. But thank you for trying to help the young man. I am sure he must have been absolutely terrified..
    Love Sybil xx Please come back and give us an update when you can. ( I am having trouble gettiny my comments to go to comments so fingers crossed..)

  3. I'm sorry this happened to you both, keeping you all in my thoughts. It's horrific!

  4. I'm horrified to hear of this, Martin. It is absolutely unbelieveable the length and extremes some people are prepared to go to. I'm pleased that two people have been arrested and charged, and even more pleased that you and Edward have survived to tell the tale.

    I wish you strength, also in connection with the anniversary of Jane's passing, yesterday (30th).

  5. So sorry to hear this, but glad you and Edward survived, this horrific attack, unfortunately the times we live in.


  6. Martin! This is just terrible. I am glad that all in all you both are going to be fine.

  7. You and Edward are without a doubt "stand-up" people. Most in our society today would not have tried to help. I'm glad two of these poor excuses for human beings have been arrested. I am so sorry this happened to you, but I am glad both of your are still with us. Both of you very nearly paid the ultimate price for doing the right thing. My prayers are with you both, not only for this, but during this anniversary time too.

  8. Martin. I am so very,very sorry to hear this devastating news from Guido.
    My thoughts & prayers go out to you and your son that you may both be healed mentally and physically.
    I also hope that justice prevails and that these reprobates receive what they deserve.
    I was only reading Jane's Journey after my friend Janet reminded me.
    God Bless you both
    hugs Jayne