Friday, 6 May 2011


On Tuesday I returned to work following a pleasant 11 days off thanks to the Bank Holidays. At 10am I suffered what was later found to be a TIA (Mini stroke). I lost all vision to my right side for about 2 hours.
I was stunned at the news that it was a TIA. No me, I'm healthy and indeed all my other readings and blood counts were spot on... apart from an irregular heart beat. This can cause clotting I'm told which is the probable cause of my TIA. Investigations are now underway to sort out my ticker.
A warning shot... is how it has been described.

Other matters, Catherine seems totally taken with Australia. She is so happy that I break out into a smile whenever I talk about her. She is returning to the UK on 26th May for three weeks to be with us for Jane's anniversary (30th). She then jets back off to finish her 12 month visa and she wants to apply for an extention. Her job have stated that they will 'sponsor her' as regards immigration. Good for you Catherine, Jane will be so proud. Might make plans to visit this Christmas.. the thought of another cold December here makes me start searching for flights already.


  1. good to hear from you Martin..sorry to hear about your TIA..take care of yourself.. Lyn x

  2. What a scare the TIA must have been for you! I hope that the medical investigations sort out how to prevent another happening.
    It's great that your daughter is so happy in Oz - you'd better start saving for your Christmas holidays now! :O)

  3. caused by a broken heart...

  4. Oh Dear Martin, I am so sorry to read that you have had such a fright and pray that all will be sorted out and that you can be well for Catherine comming home. I am so glad she is enjoying Australia...It woudl be wonderful fi you could go over for keep that in mind...
    Sybil xx

  5. Sorry to hear about the TIA Martin. Do take care of yourself.

  6. That is scary indeed, Martin. I presume you'll be given meds to prevent further TIAs. I'm pleased Catherine is happy in Oz; hope the trip by Xmas can go ahead!

  7. Martin, I'm glad you're having further tests. I hope they can keep you from having any more strokes! Glad your daughter is doing so well and is so happy. Take care!

  8. Hi Martin,
    Sorry to hear of your tis hope they give you the right meds.
    Good luck to your daughter in Oz.
    Sorry I have not been here for ages, I have been spending more time in my wheelchar and vless in front of my laptop.

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